Melissa Ramos lives and works in Sydney,
she works with installations and cinematic short films.

Film Installation


Latest Participation

Writing Exile, Women, Arts, Technologies, Journal MY BODY IS EVERY BODY

June 2016. I will be in Denmark Copenhagen, collaborating with Choreographer Carolina Bäckman. We will create a performance that is part of the Copenhagen Stage Festival.

Project Description:
Dancers nowadays don’t fall like dancers fell 70 years ago. If a fall is a consequence of the former, could there be a correlation between the fall and the historical time the dancer falls into? Movements are transfered, interpreted and transformed from person to person; dancer to dancer; generation to generation – the dancer’s body is an archive over movement patterns of its own time... More information

Writing Exile, Women, Arts, Technologies, Journal _Anglistica A.I.O.N._ An Interdisciplinary Journal

A publication on “Writing Exile: Women, The Arts, and Technologies”. The issue explores ‘exile’ as experienced by contemporary female artists. The critical focus of this special issue is placed on the practices of creative writing, photography, video art, and online artworks. Its critical assumption is that exiled women find a privileged space for the re-articulation of their condition of displacement, dislocation and diaspora in narration, in the visual mingling of tradition and experimentation, in the fluxes of information that constitute the emergence of new imagined ‘communities’ through internet. Here, writing becomes a medium for new representations; photography and music provide ways in which women can share a sense of belonging and displacement.

Edited by Wanda Balzano and Silvana Carotenuto. _Anglistica A.I.O.N._ An Interdisciplinary Journal issued by the University of Naples, Italy.