Melissa works in-between the realm of contemporary art & cinema.

Collaborating with dancers & choreographers that explore the intrinsic nature of time & movement.

Founder, Director & Curator of DANCE CINEMA


Latest Participation

Philippines, Exhibtion, Blacktown Arts Centre Blacktown Arts Centre

Balik Bayan (7 September – 2 November 2017), Blacktown Arts part of the collaboration, is a multi-art form and community celebration project that will transform the centre into a gathering space of intersecting contemporary art forms: video, installation, painting, performance, film, community activations and events, featuring local and international artists with Filipino ancestry.
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I will be in Denmark Copenhagen, collaborating with Choreographer Carolina Bäckman. We will create a performance that is part of the Copenhagen Stage Festival.

Project Description:
Dancers nowadays don’t fall like dancers fell 70 years ago. If a fall is a consequence of the former, could there be a correlation between the fall and the historical time the dancer falls into? Movements are transfered, interpreted and transformed from person to person; dancer to dancer; generation to generation – the dancer’s body is an archive over movement patterns of its own time... More information